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CP English 12 A
Instructor: Ms. Khweiss   

In order to ensure college and career readiness, students will engage with works that extend across genres, cultures, and centuries that explore questions concerning the human condition. Through the rigorous analysis of both fictional and informational texts, students will learn to understand the world in which we are living. In order to ensure proficiency in writing, students will assert their own opinions, and critical literary analysis through the use of well-developed and supported arguments. The skills both introduced and reinforced in this course aim at preparing students to perform proficiently at a college-ready level; however, the literary and communicative skills used in this class will help develop independent and critical thinkers and citizens.


What role does society have upon the individual?

How does societal expectations shape the thoughts and behaviors of people?

How do social roles drive an individual to do certain actions?

How can societal expectations and roles be dealt with?

Who decides what roles an individual inherits in a society?

Essay Instructions
Both texts have to do with the following subjects:
Good vs. Evil
Power and the Hunt
Fear and Control
Type up a 5 paragraph essay (no more than 2 pages).
1) Choose a subject and discuss how the author creates a theme/message through that subject within both texts.
2) Be sure to connect this theme to a purpose and literary element/device.
3) You must use one piece of evidence per text.
MLA format (double-spaces, size 12, times new roman, etc.)
Due Friday
Structure for essay due friday 3/20
­General information (2-3 sentences)
Body – “The Most Dangerous Game”
­Topic Sentence
­Textual Evidence
­Concluding statement
Body 2— Lord of the Flies
­Topic Sentence
­Textual Evidence
­Concluding statement
Body 3—Criticism of this theme in relation to both texts
­Topic Sentence
­Concluding statement
Link to Jeopardy Game
Analytical Questions
§1) Why do the children choose Ralph to be the chief? (Page 22) What does this suggest about how society chooses leaders?
§2) Turn to page 16, what is Golding criticizing about society/the world in his dialogue between Piggy and Ralph about the conch?
§3) On page 10 and 14, Golding discusses the heat of the island. What could this heat represent and what is it doing to the children.?
§4) How do the boys try to establish order on the island? What is the effect on the boys’ behavior?
§5) On page 19, what is the significance behind how Golding uses figurative language to describe the children?
§6) Why doesn’t Jack stab the pig for food? What is Golding suggesting about this moment? (Page 31)
Pride and Prejudice Chapters 1-10 Quiz
Vocabulary (9 words from page 27 of your notebook)
Foil Characters
Quiz #1
Quiz # 1 is rescheduled for Tuesday! Review Week #4 PPT for quiz review!
Discussion Topics
No "Homework" exist(s)

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